Venez découvrir une technique de méditation enfant développée durant mon parcours auprès des enfants. Cette méthode peut en effet procurer à votre enfant une ressource précieuse qui lui sera ensuite utile tout au long de sa vie.

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Gestion émotionnelle


Les ateliers de gestion émotionnelles apprendront à vos enfants d'être conscient de leurs émotions tout en s'amusant !


Ils pourront ensuite les regarder, les traverser et les transformer dans la relation à Soi et à l'autre



 Savoir structurer sa pensée pour mieux se comprendre, s'expliquer, se positionner ...


Je pense, donc je suis ?


ou pas ?


Les ateliers méditations et philo se développent  au sein des écoles primaires sous l'égide de la Fondation SEVE, et ce dans toute la France et dans différents pays francophones. Pour toutes demandes d'intervention, veuillez consulter le site www.fondationseve.org.

Naturally touched by the strength and fragility of the child, I have  accompanied for many years by the children with cancer treated at the Gustave Roussy Hospital, as well as their families on the long and difficult road to a cure.


 It was an intense experience, rich in teachings in this particular context at the heart of life and death where they were my masters of wisdom. 


I have continued my work at my practice helping many people to come out of depression, to heal and to thrive in their family environment. Years of research into the functioning of the psyche and the brain have allowed me to deepen my work with my patients in altered states of consciousness or situations. Today, recent studies in affective neuroscience show us how malleable the brain is at any age. Past painful history can be resolved to regain the healthy balance.


My philosophy having always been to teach the adequate tools so that each one can be in the joy of life, free, in agreement with oneself and with the entourage in all the fields of life, I continue today my approach by transmitting the result of my research through conferences, trainings and courses on the development of consciousness, and the opening of the heart, so that each one can listen to his inner guidance and in peace.


Psycho-practitioner, hypnotherapist, and trainer in child and adolescent psychology within the SEVE Foundation (Savoir Etre et Vivre Ensemble) founded by Frédéric Lenoir and Martine Roussel-Adam.

Working in a private practice and with children who have dropped out of school in an alternative school "le Cours du Pont de Pierre" in Paris, I help them to regain self-confidence and to take the path of learning in harmony with themselves and their environment...


Of humanistic nature and training according to C Rogers and trained in the great approaches of psychotherapy: In addition to psychoanalysis, psychopathology, person-centred therapy tools, the quantum approach to life according to H Reeves and Meditation have also enriched my professional practice.